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Species Stenocrepis cuprea

Schott C. Iconographie des coléoptères Carabidae d'Alsace

eAgra: Western Hemisphere Caraboidea
A compilation of species descriptions and images of carabids of the Western Hemisphere (North, Central and South America). A work still in progress, this website aims to cover all carabid species that occur in the above-mentioned regions.

Carabidae of the World
A fast growing database with rich photo gallery and info on various carabid-related topics

Database of Carabidae found on Plummers Island Maryland
Database with species accounts, representative images.

The Ground Beetles of Canada
Illustrations of over 300 species.
URL updated 10/13/19.

The ground beetles of Florida (Coleoptera: Carabidae) including tiger beetles, tribe Cicindelini, by P.M. Choate
PDF document. A helpful online source for ground beetle identification; provides:
(i) a checklist of FL carabids (420 spp. known to the Author, but only 380 previously recorded);
(ii) an illustrated key to genera and keys to spp. of selected genera;
(iii) extensive bibliography.

The Beetle Ring
This site links to numerous other sites about beetles, with short descriptors of each.

Ciegler J.C. (2014) South Carolina beetles