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Sesia tibialis - Sesia tibiale - male

Sesia tibialis - Sesia tibiale - Male
Spences Bridge, Thomson river bank, Thompson-Nicola, British Columbia, Canada
July 23, 2005
A very bad image of an excellent wasp mimic hanging out on a sex attractant trap. I am amazed nobody put up an image of this species yet, as it's extremely abundant. In any case, feel to remove this awful picture.

Moved from Sesia.

Don't Underrate Your Photo!
If you don't mind having it reduced slightly in size and the focus sharpened somewhat in FocusMagic software (as I have done here) it might be appreciated just a bit more. Photos of new species are always appreciated and there is nothing to apologize for in this one.

Thanks for your comment,
i really appreciate it. The reason i came to that conclusion was that i compared it to the photos displayed on this website. If people decide to not remove it, then perhaps a new species page should be made? Species is Sesia tibialis, the poplar clearing borer (i don't know its "official" common name)