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Akalyptoischion sp. - Akalyptoischion chandleri

Akalyptoischion sp. - Akalyptoischion chandleri
Sandia Mountains, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, USA
December 18, 2005
Size: 1.25 mm
These little Latridiids were described by Fred Andrews in 1976. He named 8 species mostly from CA with one from southern AZ. I have found lots of these in leaf litter (Ponderosa Pine with Gambels Oak) in the Sandias, NM. They key most closely to A. chandleri, but not a really good fit. I have a second species from the Sacramento Mnts, NM, also not a good fit to species. I hear McHugh is preparing a revision of the genus. The picture is only so-so, but I took some SEM's of this species before I retired (and lost access to my SEM).
Note the tiny four-facet eye at the base of the head!

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Neat Latridid
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