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Histerid - Onthophilus intermixtus

Histerid - Onthophilus intermixtus
Chiricahua Mtns: ~3 mi WSW Portal, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
March 3, 2007
Size: 3mm
Collected from soil surface under relatively fresh cow pat, desert scrub habitat. (~4900 ft. elevation)

All pics taken with automontage system. Actual montaging done with CombineZM.

Still trying to decide if this is O. intermixtus.

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Histerid - Onthophilus intermixtus Histerid - Onthophilus intermixtus




Moved from Onthophilus.

yep, looks like Onthophilus intermixtus Helava
Just caught one near Superior, AZ. The elongate "sliver-like" pronotal punctures, complete (distinct) pronotal carina, carinate pygidium, combined with the more or less evenly punctate metasternum pegs it.

Thanks for confirming, Bill. Good to hear you got one.

More incredible images, are t
More incredible images, are these your specimens, or the museum's? In any case, they're amazing, and please keep contributing them, I'm sure it takes quite a bit of time to do!

Thanks Will. These specimens are mine for now. Eventually I will donate them to an appropriate institution. I will keep plugging away as long as I have access to the magnificent machine in our Ent Department.

You keep up the great work as well. Perhaps down the line our paths will cross in the field.