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Really Small Wasp

Really Small Wasp
Norfolk, Virginia, USA
December 9, 2007
Size: 1.5mm
I saw a moving black dot on a Bamboo leaf. Took some pictures of it, lo and behold, it was the tiniest wasp I have ever seen. I need some more magnification to shoot these little critters with :^)


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Really Small Wasp Really Small Wasp Really Small Wasp

Moved from Scelionidae.

This wasp lays its eggs within other insect eggs (hence it is so small!).

OOPS! Encyrtidae (Chalcidoidea)
Configuration of Mesosoma (Apocritan "thorax"), namely the big triangular mesoscutellum, leaves no doubt. Moreover, such patterned legs and wings are typical of many, if not all, Encyrtid Wasps.
Most Encyrtidae are no egg parasitoids. Sometimes they invade quite big caterpillars, but then there are very many of them inside each individual host (gregarious parasitoids).

Thanks Richard!
I moved the images. I guess I have just about reached the limit of this lens and TC for hand held work. I had to take a lot of images to get these few of this really tiny wasp.


Thanks Andy!