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Subspecies Raphia frater frater

Review of the North American species of Marimatha (Walker) with descriptions of three new species ...
By Clifford D. Ferris, J. Donald LaFontaine
ZooKeys 39: 117-135, 2010
Review of the North American species of Marimatha Walker with descriptions of three new species (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Eustrotiinae) and the description of Pseudomarimatha flava (Noctuinae, Elaphriini), a new genus and species confused with Marimatha

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New western Noctuidæ
By A. R. Grote
Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 61-66, 1879

A Review and Reclassification of Larvae of the Subfamily Hadeninae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) of America North of Mexico
By George L. Godfrey
United States Department of Agriculture Technical Bulletin 1450: 1-265, 1972

Noctuid notes from western Canada, with description of two new species and a variety
By F. R. Wolley Dod
Canadian Entomologist 48: 58-70 , 1916

Notes on some Noctuidae, with descriptions of new genera and species
By J. B. Smith
Transactions of The American Entomological Society 18: 103-135 , 1891

On a new species of Tricopis and Homohadena, and remarks on Homohadena induta
By Leon F. Harvey
The Canadian Entomologist 7(6): 117-118, 1875

New species of Noctuidae for 1908. I. With notes on Charadra, Raphia and Psuedanarta
By John B. Smith
Journal of the New York Entomological Society 16(2): 79-98, 1908

Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America
By David L. Wagner
Princeton University Press, 2011
According to Publ. this will be released July 2011
Taken from PUP page (

* More than 800 species of eastern owlets
* More than 2,100 color photographs illustrating many species for the first time
* First North American insect guide to offer hundreds of images of live moths in their natural resting postures
* Extensive information on owlet biology, natural enemies, classification, and finding and rearing owlet caterpillars
* Includes foodplant records for each species and foodplant index

I, for one, am looking forward