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Host plant questions: Apamea lintneri -

This owlet moth is almost always photographed on beach sand - well camouflaged - but what does larva eat? Thanks!

host plant
Mention of a possible host plant for Apamea lintneri is made in this article. (paragraph 6)

"Beachgrass represents not only an important structural and stabilizing component of dunes but an important host for herbivorous insect biodiversity, including other noctuid dune associates such as Apamea lintneri (Grote, 1873) (Quinter 2009: 103)."

Apamea lintneri
Another person sent a photo of this noctuid moth on Marram grass which is another common name, besides beach grass, for Ammophila brevicaudata. Thank you so much.

We think the Apamea are grass feeders
There is one pictured here on BugGuide on Marram grass. Guessing they might also use Spartina. Let's see if the experts chime in.

host plant for Apamea lintneri
And Marram grass is a second common name for beach grass (Ammophila). One cannot rule out other grasses also being host plants, but that photo confirms that Ammophila is one. Thank you very much.