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Family Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Elateriformia
Superfamily Buprestoidea - Metallic Wood-boring and False Jewel Beetles
Family Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring Beetles

Subfamily Agrilinae
Tribe Agrilini
Genus Agrilus
Species abditus - Agrilus abditus
Species abductus - Agrilus abductus
Species abjectus - Agrilus abjectus
Species abstersus - Agrilus abstersus
Species acaciae - Agrilus acaciae
Species acutipennis - Spotworm Borer
Species addendus - Agrilus addendus
Species aeneocephalus - Agrilus aeneocephalus
Species albocomus - Agrilus albocomus
Species amelanchieri - Agrilus amelanchieri
Species angelicus - Oak Twig Girdler
Species anxius - Bronze Birch Borer
Species arbuti - Agrilus arbuti
Species arcuatus - Agrilus arcuatus
Species arizonicus - Agrilus arizonicus
Species asperulus - Agrilus asperulus
Species atricornis - Agrilus atricornis
Species audax - Agrilus audax
Species aureus - Agrilus aureus
Species aurilaterus - Agrilus aurilaterus
Species auroguttatus - Goldspotted Oak Borer
Species baboquivariae - Agrilus baboquivariae
Species barberi - Agrilus barberi
Species benjamini - Agrilus benjamini
Species bentseni - Agrilus bentseni
Species bespencus - Agrilus bespencus
Species bilineatus - Two-lined Chestnut Borer
Species blandus - Agrilus blandus
Species burkei - Agrilus burkei
Species carpini - Agrilus carpini
Species catalinae - Agrilus catalinae
Species cavatus - Agrilus cavatus
Species cavifrons - Agrilus cavifrons
Species celti - Agrilus celti
Species cephalicus - Dogwood Agrilus
Species chiricahuae - Agrilus chiricahuae
Species cliftoni - Agrilus cliftoni
Species cochisei - Agrilus cochisei
Species concinnus - Agrilus concinnus
Species crataegi - Hawthorn Agrilus
Species crinicornis - Agrilus crinicornis
Species cupreonitens - Agrilus cupreonitens
Species cuprescens - Rose Stem Girdler
Species cyanescens - Agrilus cyanescens
Species defectus - Agrilus defectus
Species delicatulus - Agrilus delicatulus
Species derasofasciatus - Agrilus derasofasciatus
Species difficilis - Honeylocust Agrilus
Species diospyroides - Agrilus diospyroides
Species dollii - Agrilus dollii
Species dozieri - Agrilus dozieri
Species duncani - Agrilus duncani
Species egeniformis - Agrilus egeniformis
Species egenus - Agrilus egenus
Species eleanorae - Agrilus eleanorae
Species esperanzae - Agrilus esperanzae
Species exiguellus - Agrilus exiguellus
Species exsapindi - Agrilus exsapindi
Species fallax - Agrilus fallax
Species falli - Agrilus falli
Species felix - Agrilus felix
Species ferrisi - Agrilus ferrisi
Species fisherellus - Agrilus fisherellus
Species flohri - Agrilus flohri
Species floridanus - Agrilus floridanus
Species frosti - Agrilus frosti
Species fuscipennis - Persimmon Agrilus
Species geminatus - Agrilus geminatus
Species geronimoi - Agrilus geronimoi
Species gibbicollis - Agrilus gibbicollis
Species gillespiensis - Agrilus gillespiensis
Species granulatus - Granulate Poplar Borer
Subspecies populi - Agrilus granulatus populi
Subspecies granulatus - Agrilus granulatus granulatus
Species hazardi - Agrilus hazardi
Species hespenheidei - Agrilus hespenheidei
Species heterothecae - Agrilus heterothecae
Species horni - Aspen Root Girdler
Species huachucae - Agrilus huachucae
Species hyperici - St. John's Wort Root Borer
Species illectus - Agrilus illectus
Species imbellis - Agrilus imbellis
Species inhabilis - Agrilus inhabilis
Subspecies chalcogaster - Agrilus inhabilis chalcogaster
Species juglandis - Butternut Agrilus
Species lacustris - Agrilus lacustris
Species langei - Agrilus langei
Species latifrons - Agrilus latifrons
Species lautuellus - Agrilus lautuellus
Species lecontei - Agrilus lecontei
Subspecies celticola - Agrilus lecontei celticola
Species limpiae - Agrilus limpiae
Species liragus - Bronze Poplar Borer
Species macer - Agrilus macer
Species malvastri - Agrilus malvastri
Species masculinus - Maple Agrilus
Species mimosae - Agrilus mimosae
Species muticus - Agrilus muticus
Species neoprosopidis - Agrilus neoprosopidis
Species oblongus - Agrilus oblongus
Species obolinus - Agrilus obolinus
Species obscurilineatus - Agrilus obscurilineatus
Species obsoletoguttatus - Agrilus obsoletoguttatus
Species obtusus - Agrilus obtusus
Species olentangyi - Agrilus olentangyi
Species olivaceoniger - Agrilus olivaceoniger
Species ometauhtli - Agrilus ometauhtli
Species ornatulus - Agrilus ornatulus
Species osburni - Agrilus osburni
Species otiosus - Hickory Agrilus
No Taxon otiosus species group
Species parabdactus - Agrilus parabdactus
Species paracelti - Agrilus paracelti
Species paraimpexus - Agrilus paraimpexus
Species parkeri - Agrilus parkeri
Species parvus - Agrilus parvus
Subspecies parvus - Agrilus parvus parvus
Species pectoralis - Agrilus pectoralis
Species pensus - Agrilus pensus
Species pilosicollis - Agrilus pilosicollis
Species pilosovittatus - Agrilus pilosovittatus
Species planipennis - Emerald Ash Borer
Species politus - Agrilus politus
Subspecies politus - Agrilus politus politus
Species prionurus - Soapberry Borer
Species prosopidis - Agrilus prosopidis
Species pseudocoryli - Agrilus pseudocoryli
Species pseudofallax - Agrilus pseudofallax
Species pubescens - Agrilus pubescens
Species putillus - Agrilus putillus
Subspecies parputillus - Agrilus putillus parputillus
Subspecies putillus - Agrilus putillus putillus
Species quadriguttatus - Agrilus quadriguttatus
Subspecies niveiventris - Agrilus quadriguttatus niveiventris
Species quadriimpressus - Agrilus quadriimpressus
Species quercus - Agrilus quercus
Species restrictus - Agrilus restrictus
Species rubroniger - Agrilus rubroniger
Species ruficollis - Red-necked Cane Borer
Species salviaphilos - Agrilus salviaphilos
Species sapindi - Agrilus sapindi
Species sayi - Bayberry Agrilus
Species scitulus - Agrilus scitulus
Species sinuatus - Sinuate Peartree Borer
Species smaragdifrons - Agrilus smaragdifrons
Species snowi - Agrilus snowi
Species subcinctus - Agrilus subcinctus
Species subrobustus - Agrilus subrobustus
Species subtropicus - Agrilus subtropicus
Species sulcicollis - European Oak Borer
Species taeniatus - Agrilus taeniatus
Species torquatus - Agrilus torquatus
Species townsendi - Agrilus townsendi
Species toxotes - Agrilus toxotes
Species transimpressus - Agrilus transimpressus
Species turnbowi - Agrilus turnbowi
Species ventralis - Agrilus ventralis
Species viridescens - Agrilus viridescens
Species vittaticollis - Hawthorn Root Borer
Species walsinghami - Agrilus walsinghami
Species waltersi - Agrilus waltersi
No Taxon subgenus Engyaulus
Species hespenheidei - Agrilus hespenheidei
Species pulchellus - Agrilus pulchellus
Species rubrovittatus - Agrilus rubrovittatus
No Taxon subgenus Agrilus
No Taxon snippets --tmp
Species species-a - Agrilus species-a
Species species-roscidusgroup - Agrilus sp. 9895
Genus Lepismadora
Species algodones - Lepismadora algodones
Genus Paragrilus
Species rugatulus - Paragrilus rugatulus
Species tenuis - Paragrilus tenuis
Tribe Tracheini
Genus Leiopleura
Species otero - Leiopleura otero
Genus Pachyschelus
Species confusus - Pachyschelus confusus
Species fisheri - Pachyschelus fisheri
Species laevigatus - Pachyschelus laevigatus
Species nicolayi - Pachyschelus nicolayi
Species purpureus - Pachyschelus purpureus
Subspecies purpureus - Pachyschelus purpureus purpureus
Subspecies uvaldei - Pachyschelus purpureus uvaldei
Species schwarzi - Pachyschelus schwarzi
Species secedens - Pachyschelus secedens
Species vogti - Pachyschelus vogti
Genus Trachys
Species minutus - Trachys minutus
Species troglodytiformis - Trachys troglodytiformis
Subtribe Brachyina
Genus Brachys
Species aerosus - Brachys aerosus
Species aeruginosus - Brachys aeruginosus
Species apachei - Brachys apachei
Species barberi - Brachys barberi
Species cephalicus - Brachys cephalicus
Species fasciferus - Brachys fasciferus
Species floccosus - Brachys floccosus
Species floricola - Brachys floricola
Species howdeni - Brachys howdeni
Species ovatus - Brachys ovatus
Species querci - Brachys querci
Species rileyi - Brachys rileyi
Species tessellatus - Brachys tessellatus
Genus Taphrocerus
Species agriloides - Taphrocerus agriloides
Species albodistinctus - Taphrocerus albodistinctus
Species chevrolati - Taphrocerus chevrolati
Species cylindricollis - Taphrocerus cylindricollis
Species gracilis - Taphrocerus gracilis
Species howardi - Taphrocerus howardi
Species laevicollis - Taphrocerus laevicollis
Species nicolayi - Taphrocerus nicolayi
Species schaefferi - Taphrocerus schaefferi
Genus Aphanisticus
Species cochinchinae - Aphanisticus cochinchinae
Subspecies seminulum - Aphanisticus cochinchinae seminulum
Genus Eupristocerus
Species cogitans - Alder Gall Buprestid
Subfamily Buprestinae
Tribe Anthaxiini
Genus Agrilaxia
Species flavimana - Agrilaxia flavimana
Species hespenheidei - Agrilaxia hespenheidei
Species arizonae - Agrilaxia arizonae
Genus Anthaxia
No Taxon Subgenus Melanthaxia
Species aenescens - Anthaxia aenescens
Species expansa - Anthaxia expansa
Species inornata - Anthaxia inornata
Species nanula - Anthaxia nanula
Species prasina - Anthaxia prasina
Species retifer - Anthaxia retifer
Species simiola - Anthaxia simiola
No Taxon Subgenus Haplanthaxia
Species carya - Anthaxia carya
Species caseyi - Anthaxia caseyi
Subspecies caseyi - Anthaxia caseyi caseyi
Subspecies pseudotsugae - Anthaxia caseyi pseudotsugae
Subspecies santarosae - Anthaxia caseyi santarosae
Species cyanella - Anthaxia cyanella
Species dichroa - Anthaxia dichroa
Species fisheri - Anthaxia fisheri
Species quercata - Anthaxia quercata
Species quercicola - Anthaxia quercicola
Species viridicornis - Anthaxia viridicornis
Species viridifrons - Anthaxia viridifrons
Tribe Buprestini
Genus Agaeocera
Species gentilis - Agaeocera gentilis
Species scintillans - Agaeocera scintillans
Species gigas - Agaeocera gigas
Genus Buprestis
No Taxon subgenus Buprestis
Species consularis - Buprestis consularis
Species haemorrhoidalis - Buprestis haemorrhoidalis
Species laeviventris - Buprestis laeviventris
Species lineata - Lined Buprestis
Species lyrata - Buprestis lyrata
Species maculativentris - Ventrally-spotted Buprestid
Species maculipennis - Buprestis maculipennis
Species nutalli - Buprestis nutalli
Species parmaculativentris - Buprestis parmaculativentris
Species subornata - Buprestis subornata
No Taxon subgenus Cypriacis
Species adjecta - Buprestis adjecta
Species aurulenta - Golden Buprestid
Species intricata - Buprestis intricata
Species prospera - Buprestis prospera
Species striata - Buprestis striata
Species sulcicollis - Buprestis sulcicollis
No Taxon subgenus Knulliobuprestis
Species confluenta - Buprestis confluenta
Species fremontiae - Buprestis fremontiae
Species gibbsii - Buprestis gibbsii
Species rufipes - Red-legged Buprestis
Species viridisuturalis - Buprestis viridisuturalis
No Taxon subgenus Nelsonocheira
Species fasciata - Buprestis fasciata
Species langii - Buprestis langii
No Taxon subgenus Stereosa
Species apricans - Buprestis apricans
Species connexa - Buprestis connexa
Species decora - Buprestis decora
Species salisburyensis - Buprestis salisburyensis
Genus Trachykele
Species nimbosa - Nimbose Buprestid
Species blondeli - Western Cedar Borer
Subspecies blondeli - Trachykele blondeli blondeli
Subspecies cupreomarginata - Trachykele blondeli cupreomarginata
Species lecontei - Trachykele lecontei
Tribe Chrysobothrini
Genus Chrysobothris
Species acaciae - Chrysobothris acaciae
Species acutipennis - Chrysobothris acutipennis
Species analis - Chrysobothris analis
Species axillaris - Chrysobothris axillaris
Species azurea - Chrysobothris azurea
Species bacchari - Coyote Bush Buprestid
Species basalis - Chrysobothris basalis
Species beameri - Chrysobothris beameri
Species beyeri - Chrysobothris beyeri
Species bicolor - Chrysobothris bicolor
Species bimarginicollis - Chrysobothris bimarginicollis
Species bispinosa - Chrysobothris bispinosa
Species breviloba - Chrysobothris breviloba
Species californica - Chrysobothris californica
Species carinipennis - Chrysobothris carinipennis
Species carmelita - Chrysobothris carmelita
Species caurina - Chrysobothris caurina
Species chalcophoroides - Sculptured Oak Borer
Species chlorocephala - Chrysobothris chlorocephala
Species chrysoela - Chrysobothris chrysoela
Subspecies chrysoela - Chrysobothris chrysoela chrysoela
Species comanche - Chrysobothris comanche
Species costifrons - Chrysobothris costifrons
Subspecies costifrons - Chrysobothris costifrons costifrons
Species crandalli - Chrysobothris crandalli
Species cribraria - Chrysobothris cribraria
Species culbersoniana - Chrysobothris culbersoniana
Species cuprascens - Chrysobothris cuprascens
Species cupressicona - Flatheaded Cypress Cone Borer
Species cyanella - Chrysobothris cyanella
Species dentipes - Chrysobothris dentipes
Species deserta - Chrysobothris deserta
Species dolata - Chrysobothris dolata
Species edwardsii - Chrysobothris edwardsii
Species ephedrae - Chrysobothris ephedrae
Subspecies ephedrae - Chrysobothris ephedrae ephedrae
Subspecies vogti - Chrysobothris ephedrae vogti
Species eriogoni - Chrysobothris eriogoni
Species exesa - Chrysobothris exesa
No Taxon femorata species-group
Species adelpha - Chrysobothris adelpha
Species caddo - Chrysobothris caddo
Species femorata - Flatheaded Appletree Borer
Species quadriimpressa - Chrysobothris quadriimpressa
Species rugosiceps - Chrysobothris rugosiceps
Species seminole - Chrysobothris seminole
Species shawnee - Chrysobothris shawnee
Species viridiceps - Chrysobothris viridiceps
Species wintu - Chrysobothris wintu
Species fiskei - Chrysobothris fiskei
Species gemmata - Chrysobothris gemmata
Species harrisi - Chrysobothris harrisi
Species hubbardi - Chrysobothris hubbardi
Species humilis - Chrysobothris humilis
Species ignicollis - Chrysobothris ignicollis
Species knulli - Knull's Chrysobothris
Species lateralis - Chrysobothris lateralis
Species leechi - Chrysobothris leechi
Species libonoti - Chrysobothris libonoti
Species lixa - Chrysobothris lixa
Species lucana - Chrysobothris lucana
Species ludificata - Chrysobothris ludificata
Species mali - Pacific Flatheaded Borer
Species merkelii - Merkel Buprestid
Species mescalero - Chrysobothris mescalero
Species micromorpha - Chrysobothris micromorpha
Species monticola - Chrysobothris monticola
Species nelsoni - Chrysobothris nelsoni
Species neopusilla - Chrysobothris neopusilla
Species neotexana - Chrysobothris neotexana
Species nixa - Flatheaded Cedar Borer
Species octocola - Chrysobothris octocola
Species orono - Chrysobothris orono
Species peninsularis - Chrysobothris peninsularis
Species piuta - Chrysobothris piuta
Species prasina - Chrysobothris prasina
Species pseudacutipennis - Chrysobothris pseudacutipennis
Species pseudotsugae - Chrysobothris pseudotsugae
Species pubilineata - Chrysobothris pubilineata
Species purpureoplagiata - Chrysobothris purpureoplagiata
Species purpureovittata - Chrysobothris purpureovittata
Subspecies purpureovittata - Chrysobothris purpureovittata purpureovittata
Subspecies cercocarpi - Chrysobothris purpureovittata cercocarpi
Species pusilla - Chrysobothris pusilla
Species quadrilineata - Chrysobothris quadrilineata
Species rossi - Chrysobothris rossi
Species rotundicollis - Chrysobothris rotundicollis
Species scabripennis - Chrysobothris scabripennis
Species schistomorion - Chrysobothris schistomorion
Species scitula - Chrysobothris scitula
Species semisculpta - Chrysobothris semisculpta
Species serripes - Chrysobothris serripes
Species sexfasciata - Chrysobothris sexfasciata
Species sexsignata - Chrysobothris sexsignata
Species sloicola - Chrysobothris sloicola
Species smaragdula - Chrysobothris smaragdula
Species socialis - Chrysobothris socialis
Subspecies apache - Chrysobothris socialis apache
Species speculifer - Chrysobothris speculifer
Species subcylindrica - Chrysobothris subcylindrica
Species texana - Chrysobothris texana
Species tranquebarica - Australian Pine Borer
Species trinervia - Chrysobothris trinervia
Species verdigripennis - Chrysobothris verdigripennis
Species viridicyanea - Chrysobothris viridicyanea
Species vulcanica - Chrysobothris vulcanica
Species westcotti - Westcott's Flathead
Species woodgatei - Chrysobothris woodgatei
No Taxon images that experts were unable to identify to species
Genus Knowltonia
Species atrifasciata - Knowltonia atrifasciata
Species calida - Knowltonia calida
Genus Sphaerobothris
Species platti - Sphaerobothris platti
Species ulkei - Sphaerobothris ulkei
Tribe Melanophilini
Genus Juniperella
Species mirabilis - Juniperella mirabilis
Genus Melanophila
Species acuminata - Black Fire Beetle
Species atropurpurea - Melanophila atropurpurea
Species consputa - Melanophila consputa
Species notata - Melanophila notata
Species occidentalis - Melanophila occidentalis
Genus Phaenops
Species abies - Phaenops abies
Species aeneola - Phaenops aeneola
Species californica - Phaenops californica
Species drummondi - flatheaded fir borer
Species fulvoguttata - Hemlock Borer
Species gentilis - Phaenops gentilis
Species lecontei - Phaenops lecontei
Species piniedulis - Phaenops piniedulis
Genus Xenomelanophila
Species miranda - Xenomelanophila miranda
Tribe Xenorhipidini
Genus Trichinorhipis
Species knulli - Trichinorhipis knulli
Subtribe Xenorhipidina
Genus Hesperorhipis
Species albofasciata - Hesperorhipis albofasciata
Species hyperbola - Hesperorhipis hyperbola
Subspecies californica - Hesperorhipis hyperbola californica
Species jacumbae - Hesperorhipis jacumbae
Species mirabilis - Hesperorhipis mirabilis
Subspecies albopennis - Hesperorhipis mirabilis albopennis
Genus Xenorhipis
Species brendeli - Xenorhipis brendeli
Species hidalgoensis - Xenorhipis hidalgoensis
Species osborni - Xenorhipis osborni
Genus Actenodes
Species acornis - Actenodes acornis
Species auronotata - Actenodes auronotata
Species calcarata - Actenodes calcarata
Species davidi - Actenodes davidi
Species flexicaulis - Actenodes flexicaulis
Species mendax - Actenodes mendax
Species mimicus - Actenodes mimicus
Species simi - Actenodes simi
Genus Spectralia
Species cuprescens - Spectralia cuprescens
Species gracilipes - Spectralia gracilipes
Species prosternalis - Spectralia prosternalis
Species purpurascens - Spectralia purpurascens
Species roburella - Spectralia roburella
Species robusta - Spectralia robusta
Subfamily Chrysochroinae
Tribe Chrysochroini
Genus Ampheremus
Species cylindricollis - Ampheremus cylindricollis
Genus Chalcophora
Species angulicollis - Western Sculptured Pine Borer
Species fortis - Chalcophora fortis
Species georgiana - Southern Sculptured Pine Borer
Species liberta - Northeastern Sculptured Pine Borer
Species virginiensis - Sculptured Pine Borer
Genus Nanularia
Species brunneata - Nanularia brunneata
Species monoensis - Nanularia monoensis
Species obrienorum - Nanularia obrienorum
Species pygmaea - Nanularia pygmaea
Genus Texania
Species campestris - Hardwood Heartwood Buprestid
Species langeri - Texania langeri
Species fulleri - Texania fulleri
Tribe Dicercini
Subtribe Dicercina
Genus Dicerca
Species asperata - Dicerca asperata
Species callosa - Dicerca callosa
Subspecies frosti - Dicerca callosa frosti
Species caudata - Dicerca caudata
Species crassicollis - Dicerca crassicollis
Species divaricata - Flatheaded Hardwood Borer
Species dumolini - Dicerca dumolini
Species hesperoborealis - Dicerca hesperoborealis
Species hornii - Dicerca hornii
Subspecies hornii - Dicerca hornii hornii
Subspecies nelsoni - Dicerca hornii nelsoni
Species juncea - Dicerca juncea
Species lepida - Embossed Hawthorn Buprestid
Species lugubris - Dicerca lugubris
Species lurida - Dicerca lurida
Species mutica - Dicerca mutica
Species obscura - Dicerca obscura
Species pectorosa - Dicerca pectorosa
Species pugionata - Witch-hazel Borer
Species punctulata - Dicerca punctulata
Species sexualis - Dicerca sexualis
Species spreta - Dicerca spreta
Species tenebrica - Flatheaded Poplar Borer
Species tenebrosa - Flatheaded Conifer Borer
Subspecies knulli - Dicerca tenebrosa knulli
Subspecies tenebrosa - Dicerca tenebrosa tenebrosa
Species tuberculata - Dicerca tuberculata
No Taxon images deemed further unIDable by experts
Genus Lampetis
Species cupreopunctata - Lampetis cupreopunctata
Species drummondi - Lampetis drummondi
Species webbii - Lampetis webbii
Subtribe Hippomelanina
Genus Barrellus
Species femoratus - Barrellus femoratus
Genus Gyascutus
Species caelatus - Gyascutus (Stictocera) caelatus
No Taxon subgenus Gyascutus
Species carolinensis - Gyascutus carolinensis
Species dianae - Gyascutus dianae
Species fulgidus - Gyascutus fulgidus
Species jeanae - Gyascutus jeanae
Species pacificus - Gyascutus pacificus
Species planicosta - Gyascutus planicosta
Subspecies cribriceps - Gyascutus planicosta cribriceps
Subspecies obliteratus - Gyascutus planicosta obliteratus
Subspecies planicosta - Gyascutus planicosta planicosta
Genus Hippomelas
Species planicauda - Hippomelas planicauda
Species sphenicus - Hippomelas sphenicus
Species parkeri - Hippomelas parkeri
Genus Prasinalia
Species cuneata - Prasinalia cuneata
Species imperialis - Prasinalia imperialis
Genus Poecilonota
Species bridwelli - Poecilonota bridwelli
Species californica - Western Poplar Buprestid
Species cyanipes - Eastern Poplar Buprestid
Species ferrea - Poecilonota ferrea
Species montana - Poecilonota montana
Species salixi - Poecilonota salixi
Species thureura - Poecilonota thureura
Genus Sphenoptera
Species jugoslavica - Sphenoptera jugoslavica
Subfamily Polycestinae
Tribe Acmaeoderini
Genus Acmaeoderoides
Species ferruginis - Acmaeoderoides ferruginis
Species humeralis - Acmaeoderoides humeralis
Species knulli - Acmaeoderoides knulli
Species stramineus - Acmaeoderoides stramineus
Subtribe Acmaeoderina
Genus Acmaeodera
Species acanthicola - Acmaeodera acanthicola
Species acuta - Acmaeodera acuta
Species adenostomae - Acmaeodera adenostomae
Species alicia - Acmaeodera alicia
Species alpina - Acmaeodera alpina
Species amabilis - Acmaeodera amabilis
Species amplicollis - Acmaeodera amplicollis
Species angelica - Acmaeodera angelica
Species atactospilota - Acmaeodera atactospilota
Species auritincta - Acmaeodera auritincta
Species aurora - Acmaeodera aurora
Species bacchariphaga - Acmaeodera bacchariphaga
Species barri - Acmaeodera barri
Species bishopiana - Acmaeodera bishopiana
Species bivulnera - Acmaeodera bivulnera
Species bowditchi - Acmaeodera bowditchi
Species bryanti - Acmaeodera bryanti
Species carlota - Acmaeodera carlota
Species cazieri - Acmaeodera cazieri
Species chiricahuae - Acmaeodera chiricahuae
Species comata - Acmaeodera comata
Species condita - Acmaeodera condita
Species connexa - Acmaeodera connexa
Species conoidea - Acmaeodera conoidea
Species consors - Acmaeodera consors
Species convicta - Acmaeodera convicta
Species coquilletti - Acmaeodera coquilletti
Species cribricollis - Acmaeodera cribricollis
Species cuneata - Acmaeodera cuneata
Species curtilata - Acmaeodera curtilata
Species davidsoni - Acmaeodera davidsoni
Species decipiens - Acmaeodera decipiens
Species delumbis - Acmaeodera delumbis
Species depressa - Acmaeodera depressa
Species diffusa - Acmaeodera diffusa
Species disjuncta - Acmaeodera disjuncta
Species dolorosa - Acmaeodera dolorosa
Species fenyesi - Acmaeodera fenyesi
Species flavomarginata - Acmaeodera flavomarginata
Species flavopicta - Acmaeodera flavopicta
Species gibbula - Acmaeodera gibbula
Species gillespiensis - Acmaeodera gillespiensis
Species griffithi - Acmaeodera griffithi
Species haemorrhoa - Acmaeodera haemorrhoa
Species hepburnii - Acmaeodera hepburnii
Species holsteni - Holsten's Flower Buprestid
Species horni - Acmaeodera horni Fall
Species idahoensis - Acmaeodera idahoensis
Species immaculata - Acmaeodera immaculata
Species jocosa - Acmaeodera jocosa
Species knowltoni - Acmaeodera knowltoni
Species labyrinthica - Acmaeodera labyrinthica
Species latiflava - Acmaeodera latiflava
Subspecies lineipicta - Acmaeodera latiflava lineipicta
Subspecies latiflava - Acmaeodera latiflava latiflava
Species ligulata - Acmaeodera ligulata
Species linsleyi - Acmaeodera linsleyi
Species lupinae - Acmaeodera lupinae
Species macra - Acmaeodera macra
Species maculifera - Acmaeodera maculifera
Species marginenotata - Acmaeodera marginenotata
Species mariposa - Acmaeodera mariposa
Subspecies dohrni - Acmaeodera mariposa dohrni
Species miliaris - Acmaeodera miliaris
Species mixta - Acmaeodera mixta
Species mojavei - Acmaeodera mojavei
Species neglecta - Acmaeodera neglecta
Species neoneglecta - Acmaeodera neoneglecta
Species nevadica - Acmaeodera nevadica
Species nexa - Acmaeodera nexa
Species nigrovittata - Acmaeodera nigrovittata
Species obtusa - Acmaeodera obtusa
Species opacula - Acmaeodera opacula
Species opuntiae - Acmaeodera opuntiae
Species ornata - Acmaeodera ornata
Species ornatoides - Acmaeodera ornatoides
Species panamintensis - Acmaeodera panamintensis
Species paradisjuncta - Acmaeodera paradisjuncta
Species parkeri - Acmaeodera parkeri
Species perlanosa - Acmaeodera perlanosa
Species pinalorum - Acmaeodera pinalorum
Species plagiaticauda - Acmaeodera plagiaticauda
Species princeps - Acmaeodera princeps
Species prorsa - Acmaeodera prorsa
Species pubiventris - Acmaeodera pubiventris
Subspecies lanata - Acmaeodera pubiventris lanata
Subspecies pubiventris - Acmaeodera pubiventris pubiventris
Subspecies panocheae - Acmaeodera pubiventris panocheae
Subspecies yumae - Acmaeodera pubiventris yumae
Species pulchella - Acmaeodera pulchella
Species purshiae - Bitterbrush Jewel Beetle
Species quadrivittata - Acmaeodera quadrivittata
Species quadrivittatoides - Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides
No Taxon quadrivittata complex
Species recticollis - Acmaeodera recticollis
Species resplendens - Acmaeodera resplendens
Species retifera - Acmaeodera retifera
Species riograndei - Acmaeodera riograndei
Species robigo - Acmaeodera robigo
Species robusta - Acmaeodera robusta
Species rubrocuprea - Acmaeodera rubrocuprea
Species rubronotata - Acmaeodera rubronotata
Species sabinae - Acmaeodera sabinae
Species scalaris - Acmaeodera scalaris
Species serena - Acmaeodera serena
Species simulata - Acmaeodera simulata
Species sinuata - Acmaeodera sinuata
Subspecies sinuata - Acmaeodera sinuata sinuata
Subspecies sexnotata - Acmaeodera sinuata sexnotata
Species solitaria - Acmaeodera solitaria
Species sphaeralceae - Acmaeodera sphaeralceae
Species starrae - Acmaeodera starrae
Species tenebricosa - Acmaeodera tenebricosa
Species texana - Acmaeodera texana
Species tildenorum - Acmaeodera tildenorum
Species tiquilia - Acmaeodera tiquilia
Species tubulus - Acmaeodera tubulus
Species tuta - Acmaeodera tuta
Species uvaldensis - Acmaeodera uvaldensis
Species vandykei - Acmaeodera vandykei
Species variegata - Acmaeodera variegata
Species verityi - Acmaeodera verityi
Species vernalis - Acmaeodera vernalis
Species vulturei - Acmaeodera vulturei
Species wenzeli - Acmaeodera wenzeli
Species wheeleri - Acmaeodera wheeleri
Species xanthosticta - Acmaeodera xanthosticta
Species yuccavora - Acmaeodera yuccavora
No Taxon Subgenus Squamodera
Species barri - Acmaeodera barri
Species ephedrae - Acmaeodera ephedrae
Species vanduzeei - Acmaeodera vanduzeei
No Taxon mixta or obtusa
No Taxon multiple species together
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Species pletura - Acmaeodera pletura
Genus Acmaeoderopsis
Species chisosensis - Acmaeoderopsis chisosensis
Species guttifera - Acmaeoderopsis guttifera
Species hassayampae - Acmaeoderopsis hassayampae
Species hulli - Acmaeoderopsis hulli
Species junki - Acmaeoderopsis junki
Species paravaripilis - Acmaeoderopsis paravaripilis
Species prosopis - Acmaeoderopsis prosopis
Species rockefelleri - Acmaeoderopsis rockefelleri
Genus Anambodera
Species nebulosa - Anambodera nebulosa
Species palmarum - Anambodera palmarum
Species gemina - Anambodera gemina
No Taxon undescribed sp.
No Taxon gemina complex
Tribe Haplostethini
Genus Mastogenius
Species castlei - Mastogenius castlei
Species crenulatus - Mastogenius crenulatus
Species robustus - Mastogenius robustus
Species subcyaneus - Mastogenius subcyaneus
Genus Trigonogya
Species reticulaticollis - Trigonogya reticulaticollis
Tribe Thrincopygini
Genus Chrysophana
Species placida - Chrysophana placida
Genus Thrincopyge
Species ambiens - Thrincopyge ambiens
Species alacris - Thrincopyge alacris
Genus Beerellus
Species taxodii - Beerellus taxodii
Genus Paratyndaris
No Taxon subgenus Knulliella
Species chamaeleonis - Paratyndaris chamaeleonis
Species suturalis - Paratyndaris suturalis
No Taxon subgenus Waltersia
Species knulli - Paratyndaris knulli
No Taxon subgenus Paratyndaris
Species acaciae - Paratyndaris acaciae
Species albofasciata - Paratyndaris albofasciata
Species cincta - Paratyndaris cincta
Species coursetiae - Paratyndaris coursetiae
Species crandalli - Paratyndaris crandalli
Species olneyae - Paratyndaris olneyae
Species prosopis - Paratyndaris prosopis
Species tucsoni - Paratyndaris tucsoni
Genus Polycesta
No Taxon subgenus Polycesta
Species goryi - Polycesta goryi
No Taxon Subgenus Arizonica
Species arizonica - Polycesta arizonica
Species aruensis - Polycesta (Arizonica) aruensis
Species flavomaculata - Polycesta (Nelsonella) flavomaculata
No Taxon subgenus Tularensia
Species californica - Polycesta californica
Species crypta - Polycesta crypta
Species cyanea - Polycesta cyanea
Species elata - Polycesta elata
Species hageni - Polycesta hageni
Species tularensis - Polycesta tularensis
Genus Ptosima
Species idolynae - Ptosima idolynae
Species gibbicollis - Redbud Borer
Species walshii - Ptosima walshii
Species laeta - Texas Redbud Borer
Genus Strigoptera
Species bimaculata - Strigoptera bimaculata
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