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Next generation photographer - female

Next generation photographer - Female
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
My wife freaked out when it got near her eye but it didn't bother Sarah...

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Next generation photographer - female Next generation photographer - female Next generation photographer - female Next generation photographer - female Next generation photographer - female

What a great photo...
...if only there were more children who did not fear or hate insects!

Also, forgive the proofreader in me Ron, but I thought you might want to know that your caption actually says, "it did seem to bother Sarah". I assume you meant to include the word "not" in that sentence.

She now scares me :)
Sarah shows almost no fear of insects and will try to pick up any that she finds (I have made her aware of some of the more dangerous ones).

We were on a 'hunt' in the garden the other day and looked up to find her with a nymphal Pycnoscelis surinamensis in her hand and she even recognized it as a roach. As much as I "like bugs", I could never bring myself to touch any roach...

As far as pointing out the mistake, thanks. For that matter, you could have corrected it if you wanted and wouldn't have upset me :)

No fear...
I'm glad to hear that she continues to find insects enjoyable and interesting. I don't know how old she is/was, but when I was about 4 or 5 my family took me to an Insect Zoo (at the Smithsonian, I think?) and everyone was amazed (perhaps some were horrified!) that I eagerly held hissing cockroaches, millipedes, etc., etc. I was always the kid that wanted to rescue the spider trapped indoors instead of squishing it and I could never understand why all the other kids (girls especially) would get so hysterical. Like your daughter, I would probably still get up-close-and-personal with just about anything (except maybe the ticks and conenose bugs!).

Sarah was 3 1/2...
and she will be 5 next week...

They do grow up fast :)

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Ok, Ron, you got Sarah identified and sexed, but how about that female katydid on her ear?? :-)

Cool photo, by the way.

How adorable! Thanks for sharing.