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Praying Mantis - Mantis religiosa - female

Praying Mantis - Mantis religiosa - Female
Town of Baileys Harbor, Hidden Corners Sanctuary, Door County, Wisconsin, USA
September 11, 1999
Found a camouflaged adult Praying Mantis eating an adult Monarch in our meadow. That morning I had released a "pet" Praying Mantis (after feeding it small moths and flies), After a few moments, it flew away toward a group of Northern White Cedar trees. When it was half way there, a female Cardinal came out of nowhere and swooped it up. I felt very sad, because I had grown attached to its fascinating mannerisms and charming personality. Then I thought of what I had seen in the morning with the Monarch ... One species has to die, so that another can live. That's one of the questions I'm going to ask God when I enter heaven. Why does something have to die, so something else can live? And He will explain that there was a larger picture that my mind could not comprehend.

That is an amazing shot!!!!!!
That is an amazing shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One species has to die---
He will explain the process of evolution, and you will comprehend it.