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Psocodea - Lithoseopsis hellmani

Psocodea - Lithoseopsis hellmani
Lake Calavera, Carlsbad, San Diego County, California, USA
January 14, 2019
Found under a lichen covered stone. Collected.

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Psocodea - Lithoseopsis hellmani Psocodea - Lithoseopsis hellmani Psocodea - Lithoseopsis hellmani Psocodea - Lithoseopsis hellmani

Habitat question ...
was this specimen collected on a limestone outcrop or cave entrance?

Moved from Lithoseopsis. See comment on image two.


Sorry, I should have commented here ...
These are very interesting nymphs! See if you can find adults. I have no idea what this is. Very interesting!

Well after surviving a 700 mile road trip and five weeks in my dorm room, two of the six barklice I collected made it to maturity. Added some pictures of the adults--they're quite striking!

No idea what they are, but they're shockingly moth-like, exhibiting motifs in patterning common in micros! I'm sure Diane will know.

I returned to this site today...
..but was unable to locate any adults. However I found plenty of nymphs and collected several more. I preserved a couple in ethanol, but still have a few alive that I could try rearing to adulthood.

To try to rear…
Create a humid environment including the lichen on which these were found. Be sure to include moss or some other material to retain stabilize the moisture level.