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Subfamily Tenebrioninae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Tenebrionoidea - Fungus, Bark, Darkling and Blister Beetles
Family Tenebrionidae - Darkling Beetles
Subfamily Tenebrioninae

Tribe Bolitophagini
Genus Bolitophagus
Species corticola - Bolitophagus corticola
Genus Bolitotherus
Species cornutus - Forked Fungus Beetle
Genus Eleates
Species occidentalis - Eleates occidentalis
Species depressus - Eleates depressus
Genus Megeleates
Species sequoiarum - Megeleates sequoiarum
Genus Rhipidandrus
Species peninsularis - Rhipidandrus peninsularis
Species paradoxus - Rhipidandrus paradoxus
Tribe Tenebrionini
Genus Bius
Species estriatus - Bius estriatus
Genus Idiobates
Species castaneus - Idiobates castaneus
Genus Neatus
Species unnamed - Neatus unnamed
Species tenebrioides - Neatus tenebrioides
Genus Rhinandrus
Genus Tenebrio - Mealworm beetles
Species molitor - Yellow Mealworm
Species obscurus - Dark Mealworm
Genus Zophobas
Species atratus - Zophobas atratus
Species subnitens - Zophobas subnitens
Tribe Centronopini
Genus Centronopus
Species opacus - Centronopus opacus
Species calcaratus - Centronopus calcaratus
Genus Scotobaenus
Species parallelus - Scotobaenus parallelus
Tribe Alphitobiini
Genus Alphitobius
Species diaperinus - Lesser Mealworm
Species laevigatus - Black Fungus Beetle
Tribe Triboliini
Genus Hypogena
Species marginata - Hypogena marginata
Species tricornis - Hypogena tricornis
Genus Latheticus
Species oryzae - Longheaded Flour Beetle
Genus Lyphia
Species tetraphylla - Lyphia tetraphylla
Genus Mycotrogus
Species mentalis - Mycotrogus mentalis
Species angustus - Mycotrogus angustus
Genus Palorus
Species ratzeburgii - Small-eyed Flour Beetle
Species subdepressus - Depressed Flour Beetle
Genus Tribolium - Flour Beetles
Species freemani - Tribolium freemani
No Taxon subgenus Tribolium
Species audax - American Black Flour Beetle
Species castaneum - Red Flour Beetle
Species confusum - Confused Flour Beetle
Species destructor - False Black Flour Beetle
Species madens - Black Flour Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Aphanotus
Species brevicorne - North American Flour Beetle
Species parallelum - Tribolium parallelum
Species setosum - Tribolium setosum
Genus Ulomina
Species carinata - Ulomina carinata
Tribe Ulomini
Genus Eutochia
Species crenata - Eutochia crenata
Species picea - Eutochia picea
Genus Uloma
Species imberbis - Uloma imberbis
Species impressa - Uloma impressa
Species longula - Uloma longula
Species mentalis - Uloma mentalis
Species punctulata - Uloma punctulata
No Taxon unidentifiable to species from these images
Species retusa - Uloma retusa
Tribe Helopini
Genus Helops
Species attenuatus - Helops attenuatus
Species arizonensis - Helops arizonensis
Species bachei - Helops bachei
Species cisteloides - Helops cisteloides
Species confluens - Helops confluens
Species difficilis - Helops difficilis
Species discipulus - Helops discipulus
Species edwardsii - Helops edwardsii
Species farctus - Helops farctus
Species fresnoensis - Helops fresnoensis
Species impolitus - Helops impolitus
Species laetus - Helops laetus
Species opacus - Helops opacus
Species perforatus - Helops perforatus
Species pernitens - Helops pernitens
Species punctatus - Helops punctatus
Species rufipes - Helops rufipes
Species rugicollis - Helops rugicollis
Species rugulosus - Helops rugulosus
Species simulator - Helops simulator
Species spretus - Helops spretus
Species stenotrichoides - Helops stenotrichoides
Species sulcipennis - Helops sulcipennis 0
Species tumescens - Helops tumescens
Species callosus - Helops callosus
Genus Nalassus
Species aereus - Nalassus aereus
Species californicus - Nalassus californicus
Species convexulus - Nalassus convexulus
Genus Nautes
Species azurescens - Nautes azurescens
Genus Tarpela
Species micans - Tarpela micans
Species undulata - Tarpela undulata
Species venusta - Tarpela venusta
Tribe Amarygmini
Genus Cymatothes
Species unicolor - Cymatothes unicolor
Genus Meracantha
Species contracta - Meracantha contracta
Tribe Cerenopini
Genus Argoporis
Species alutacea - Argoporis alutacea
Species apicalis - Argoporis apicalis
Species bicolor - Argoporis bicolor
Species costipennis - Argoporis costipennis
Species rufipes - Argoporis rufipes
Genus Cerenopus
Species concolor - Cerenopus concolor
Tribe Eulabini
Genus Apsena
Species grossa - Apsena grossa
Species pubescens - Apsena pubescens
Species rufipes - Fig Engraver Beetle
Genus Epantius
Species obscurus - Epantius obscurus
Genus Eulabis
Species bicarinata - Eulabis bicarinata
Tribe Apocryphini
Genus Apocrypha
Species setosa - Apocrypha setosa
Species anthicoides - Apocrypha anthicoides
Tribe Blaptini
Genus Blaps
Species lethifera - Blaps lethifera
Tribe Amphidorini
Genus Eleodes - Desert Stink Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Amphidora
Species nigropilosa - Eleodes nigropilosa
No Taxon subgenus Blapylis
Species clavicornis - Eleodes clavicornis
Species consobrina - Eleodes consobrina
Species cordata - Eleodes cordata
Species inculta - Eleodes inculta
Species littoralis - Eleodes littoralis
Species orophila - Eleodes orophila
Species parvicollis - Eleodes parvicollis
Species pimelioides - Eleodes pimelioides
Species scabrosa - Eleodes scabrosa
Species snowii - Eleodes snowii
No Taxon subgenus Caverneleodes
Species wynnei - Eleodes wynnei
No Taxon subgenus Cratidus
Species osculans - Wooly Darkling Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Discogenia
Species scabricula - Eleodes scabricula
Species marginata - Eleodes marginata
No Taxon subgenus Eleodes
Species acuticauda - Eleodes acuticauda
Species acuta - Eleodes acuta
Species armata - Armored Darkling Beetle
Species dentipes - Dentate Stink Beetle
Species eschscholtzii - Eleodes eschscholtzii
Species gracilis - Eleodes gracilis
Species grandicollis - Eleodes grandicollis
Species hispilabris - Eleodes hispilabris
Species mirabilis - Eleodes mirabilis
Species obscura - Eleodes obscura
Subspecies dispersa - Eleodes obscura dispersa
Subspecies glabriuscula - Eleodes obscura glabriuscula
Subspecies obscura - Eleodes obscura obscura
Subspecies sulcipennis - Eleodes obscura sulcipennis
Species spinipes - Eleodes spinipes
Species sponsa - Eleodes sponsa
Species subcylindrica - Eleodes subcylindrica
Species suturalis - Eleodes suturalis
Species tenuipes - Eleodes tenuipes
No Taxon subgenus Heteropromus
Species veterator - Eleodes veterator
No Taxon subgenus Litheleodes
Species subtuberculata - Eleodes subtuberculata
Species arcuata - Eleodes arcuata
Species extricata - Eleodes extricata
No Taxon subgenus Melaneleodes
Species anthracina - Eleodes anthracina
Species carbonaria - Eleodes carbonaria
Subspecies obsoleta - Eleodes carbonaria obsoleta
Species humeralis - Eleodes humeralis
Species neomexicana - Eleodes neomexicana
Species parowana - Eleodes parowana
Species pedinoides - Eleodes pedinoides
Species rileyi - Eleodes rileyi
Species tricostata - Eleodes tricostata
Species wenzeli - Eleodes wenzeli
No Taxon subgenus Metablapylis
Species aalbui - Eleodes aalbui
Species californica - Eleodes californica
Species delicata - Eleodes delicata
Species dissimilis - Eleodes dissimilis
Species nigrina - Eleodes nigrina
No Taxon subgenus Omegeleodes
Species debilis - Eleodes debilis
No Taxon subgenus Promus
Species fusiformis - Eleodes fusiformis
Species goryi - Eleodes goryi
Species knullorum - Eleodes knullorum
Species opaca - Plains False Wireworm
Species spiculifera - Eleodes spiculifera
Species striolata - Eleodes striolata
Species subnitens - Eleodes subnitens
No Taxon subgenus Pseudeleodes
Species caudifera - Eleodes caudifera
Species granosa - Eleodes granosa
Species leechi - Eleodes leechi
Species longipilosa - Eleodes longipilosa
Species pilosa - Eleodes pilosa
Species tribulus - Eleodes tribulus
No Taxon subgenus Tricheleodes
Species barbata - Eleodes barbata
Species hirsuta - Eleodes hirsuta
No Taxon subgenus Xysta
Species gigantea - Eleodes gigantea
Species hepburni - Eleodes hepburni
Species longicollis - Eleodes longicollis
Genus Eleodimorpha
Species bolcan - Eleodimorpha bolcan
Genus Embaphion
Species contusum - Embaphion contusum
Species depressum - Embaphion depressum
Species elongatum - Embaphion elongatum
Species glabrum - Embaphion glabrum
Species muricatum - Embaphion muricatum
Genus Lariversius
Species tibialis - Lariversius tibialis
Genus Neobaphion
Species planipenne - Neobaphion planipenne
Genus Trogloderus
Species kandai - Trogloderus kandai
Species major - Trogloderus major
Species nevadus - Trogloderus nevadus
Species skillmani - Trogloderus skillmani
Species tuberculatus - Trogloderus tuberculatus
Species vandykei - Trogloderus vandykei
Species warneri - Trogloderus warneri
Tribe Pedinini
Subtribe Leichenina
Genus Leichenum
Species canaliculatum - Madagascar Beetle
Subspecies variegatum - Madagascar Beetle
Subtribe Platynotina
Genus Alaetrinus
Species aciculatus - Alaetrinus aciculatus
Species minimus - Alaetrinus minimus
Species pullus - Alaetrinus pullus
Tribe Opatrini
Genus Aconobius
Species densus - Aconobius densus
Genus Ammodonus
Species fossor - Ammodonus fossor
Species granosus - Ammodonus granosus
Genus Blapstinus
Species brevicollis - Blapstinus brevicollis
Species castaneus - Blapstinus castaneus
Species dilatatus - Blapstinus dilatatus
Species discolor - Blapstinus discolor
Species fortis - Blapstinus fortis
Species fuscus - Blapstinus fuscus
Species histricus - Blapstinus histricus
Species metallicus - Blapstinus metallicus
Species moestus - Blapstinus moestus
Species pratensis - Blapstinus pratensis
Species substriatus - Blapstinus substriatus
Species sulcatus - Blapstinus sulcatus
Species vestitus - Blapstinus vestitus
No Taxon unnamed sp.
Genus Bycrea
Species villosa - Bycrea villosa
Genus Conibiosoma
Species elongatum - Conibiosoma elongatum
Genus Conibius
Species gagates - Conibius gagates
Species seriatus - Conibius seriatus
Species uniformis - Conibius uniformis
Genus Cybotus
Species estriatus - Cybotus estriatus
Genus Ephalus
Species latimanus - Ephalus latimanus
Genus Gonocephalum
Species sericeum - Gonocephalum sericeum
Genus Mecysmus
Species angustus - Mecysmus angustus
Species tenuis - Mecysmus tenuis
Genus Nocibiotes
Species caudatus - Nocibiotes caudatus
Species granulatus - Nocibiotes granulatus
Genus Notibius
Species laticeps - Notibius laticeps
Species puberulus - Notibius puberulus
Species puncticollis - Notibius puncticollis
Genus Opatroides
Species punctulatus - Opatroides punctulatus
Genus Pseudephalus
Species brevicornis - Pseudephalus brevicornis
Genus Tonibius
Species sulcatus - Tonibius sulcatus
Genus Trichoton
Species sordidum - Trichoton sordidum
Genus Ulus
Species maritimus - Ulus maritimus
Species crassus - Ulus crassus
Genus Xerolinus
Species alutaceus - Xerolinus alutaceus
Species dispar - Blapstinus dispar
Tribe Melanimonini
Genus Cheirodes
Species californicus - Cheirodes californicus
Tribe Metaclisini
Genus Metaclisa
Species atra - Metaclisa atra
Species marginalis - Metaclisa marginalis
Species seditiosa - Metaclisa seditiosa