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Cotton Fleahopper - Pseudatomoscelis seriatus

Cotton Fleahopper - Pseudatomoscelis seriatus
Sun City Center Nature Trails, Hillsborough County, Florida, USA
March 2, 2019
Size: ~3 mm
On Florida native plant, Yellow Hatpins, Syngonanthus flavidulus.
Under Works Cited on the Info page is Thomas J. Henry's "Revision of Keltonia and the cotton fleahopper genus Pseudatomoscelis." On page 42 he writes, "In 1981, I collected a large population of P. seriatus in the Florida panhandle on shoe buttons, Syngonathus flavidulus..."
(As per the University of Florida's Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, "shoe buttons" refers to Ardisia elliptica, a category I invasive.)

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Cotton Fleahopper - Pseudatomoscelis seriatus Cotton Fleahopper - Pseudatomoscelis seriatus

cotton leafhopper
John, Nice image. I found these insects on Syngonanthus too, and in an effort to identify it searched for "Syngonanthus" to see if anyone had had a parallel experience, with ID. And there you are. Seems like maybe Cotton Fleahoppers have a thing for Syngonanthus. - George Rogers

Nice! And remember...
...several years ago we had a conversation about this being anemophilous or not. I then set out to photo-document all Syngonanthus visitors. To date, I'm up to 36 floral visitor species. By far on the SCC Nature Trails at least, the most common species found is this one. Not all visitors are polinators or course. Scudderia nymphs use it as a perfect-height platform to dangled their absurdly long antennae.