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Notonecta irrorata

Notonecta irrorata
Deville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, USA
January 6, 2008
Size: 3/8"
Found this in the woods east of Alexandria, Louisiana about 1/2 mile from the nearest water (Flagon Creek).

I think its an irrorrata. Dont ever hold a backswimmer like that!

Moved from Frass.

Moved from Notonecta irrorata.

Why Frass ?
Why the frassing? This is a great image and it is the only one from LA thus far, adding to important data info.

Notonecta irrorata
I'd say yes, Notonecta irrorata ... that would be my call based on the wing pattern and black scutellum.

Thank you very much...
for helping confirm this. I have had a few bad judgment calls on identifying lately so I figured I would get a second opinion. I was a little more unsure when I saw the only other examples on BugGuide were from Massachusetts.