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Oxylaemus californicus

Oxylaemus californicus
Sandia Mnts, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, USA
May 20, 2000
Size: 3.4 mm
This species should be in Pacific Northwest, OR, WA, ID and north CA. I found one specimen in long dead ponderosa pine stump in NM at about 2800 meters elevation. This was such a giant range extension that I actually checked specimens in the LA county museum to verify that the ID was correct.

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Oxylaemus californicus Oxylaemus californicus

New Mexico
Thanks for posting this. I had some traps in NM this past summer and just found what I believe to be the same species!

Very interesting
(I just returned from travel and saw your comment)
I'm really interested in any other observations on Oxylaemus in NM. After years of searching, I have never found another. There are several vaguely similar beetles which I find a lot.
The Tenebrionid Corticeus has different antennae:
or many Rhizophagus sp. with an exposed pygidium beyond the elytra:
If you are fairly sure it is Oxylaemus, I'd love to hear the details of trapping it. email: hobuss at

Another great contribution. BTW, I have a bothriderid I will post shortly. Maybe you can help ID it...