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Hover fly - Helophilus fasciatus

Hover fly - Helophilus fasciatus
University of Guelph Arboretum, Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
May 4, 2005
Another Helophilus for the guide. I don't know if these are identifiable to species based on photos, but I'll take a look when that part of the Ontario Syrphidae comes out.

Helophilus fasciatus
Helophilus fasciatus.
Helophilus latifrons has the basal two antennal segments black

Good news & bad news
The Good News is there's only 3 species of Helophilus in southern Ontario. The Bad News is you need a good view of the face to separate them. Jeff Skevington told me last year that:
"obscurus is the only Ontario species with a shiny black media stripe on the face (the other two have a shiny yellow to reddish brown stripe). The key couplet to separate the other two species goes as follows:
- male vertex narrow, wholly black pilose, female front and vertex entirely black pilose.... fasciatus
- male vertex broad, partially yellow pilose, female front broadly yellow pilose.... latifrons"
The Really Bad News is there's 2 additional species in central and northern Ontario, and there's 28 more in North America.

Thanks for the info Robin. I'm guessing this would be H. latifrons based on those characters - I have another, poorer, shot which shows the face a bit better, and I can see that the medial stripe is reddish brown. I'm not quite sure on the separation between the other two, partly because I don't know which sex this specimen is, but I think I can see yellow pile on the front in the full sized shot, which would seem to indicate H. latifrons by the couplet.