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Delta wing - Renia salusalis - male

Delta wing - Renia salusalis - Male
Apalachicola Nat'l Forest, Bradwell Unit, Gaddsen County, Florida, USA
April 4, 2019
Size: 1 - 2 cm
Found in hardwood forest close to ground.

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Delta wing - Renia salusalis - male Delta wing - Renia salusalis - male

Moved from Renia.

Has this been "frassed?" Is the original identification still good? Thanks. Greg B.

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Thanks for the explanation. As a newbie, I'm just learning the language and habits of

I'm not sure what the question is. This has not been frassed. It was previously identified as a moth in the genus Renia. The short labial palpi (the upturned snout) leads me to think it's salusalis which is in the genus Renia so I move it there.

Moved from Litter Moths.

We can see the tuft on the antennae in this image. = ♂

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