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Aleocharine rove beetles of eastern Canada (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae): A glimpse of megadiversity
By Klimaszewski, J; R.P. Webster; D.W. Langor; A. Brunke; A. Davies; C. Bourdon; M. Labrecque; A.F. Newton; J. Dorval; J.H. Frank.
Springer, 2018
Cite: 1649391
Features key to tribes, keys to genera and in some cases subgenera, keys to species, and plates of all 407 species treated. Also includes general information on collecting techniques and the biology of the family.
For each species, a descriptive account is given, as well as information on habitat and collecting techniques.

An appendix features a checklist for the 407 species, listing their known distributions in Canada as well as the United States.