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Argochrysis armilla - female

Argochrysis armilla - Female
Ash Mountain, 2800' elev., Tulare County, California, USA
May 26, 1984
Size: ca. 4 mm.

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Argochrysis armilla - female Argochrysis armilla - female

I wish there was a way to move an already created guide page to a subfamily + tribe! I deleted the original one and moved Argochrysis to the correct subfamily and tribe.

Moved from Chrysidini.

I tried to find the classification and thought that was it! Sorry for the inconvenience!

No prob at all! There are dif
No prob at all man! I just wish there was a way to move genera around. I hope my comment didn't come across the wrong way. There are differing views on some of the subfamilies + tribes of the family. The biggest is the genus Parnopes, which is considered by some to belong to a subfamily of its own while some a tribe within the Chrysidinae.


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