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Green Dock Beetle - Gastrophysa cyanea - male - female

Green Dock Beetle - Gastrophysa cyanea - Male Female
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
January 15, 2008
Again, any help identifying this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Ron M.

Moved from Frass.

Moved from Green Dock Beetle.

Don't frass!
Please, don't throw this away they are the only one of this species from Louisiana.

It is a leaf beetle:

I had looked...
at this one while trying to figure this one out. I didn't feel that this was the same because of the difference in color. My example appears blue rather than green. But while typing this I read the comments from Maybe the color difference isn't important...

I got the first pictures of this insect over a month ago but found that none of them were good enough to post here. I went back yesterday (01/15/07) and found more to try to get a better picture.

Thanks for pointing that out and helping with this!

Ron M.

Specimens, dates?
Either they are not the same individuals or the dates are different or both. Please unlink them if not the same individual and make sure that you have the correct dates for all of them.
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I Unlinked these pictures...
Thanks for your input.

I will update the notes tomorrow with [thumb:#]. I am at work on my Treo right now.