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Spider Anatomy for glossary

Spider Anatomy for glossary
Spider anatomy, from Emerton, 1901, (1). The pedipalps are here (also) labeled palpi.
Updated from Wikimedia Commons version.

Moved from True Spiders. Just thought these fit together better on the main spider page.

Maybe should be paired somehow

yes, tried to use both in glossary entries
I have used them together as appropriate, for instance, in the entries for leg and cephalothorax.

The two diagrams are certainly similar, and I debated about uploading this one, but it does show some things not on the other, and vice versa. It was a quick job to scan it and clean it up, so I went ahead.

In terms of long-term development of the glossary, we could certainly use some diagrams with clickable points to go to individual terms, but I don't believe the current BugGuide software allows clickable maps--I may be wrong on that.