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Pauropoda? Symphyla?

Pauropoda? Symphyla?
Woodstock, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA
August 2, 2018
Size: ~0.5mm
Sorry for the non-insect post! This is from a berlese leaf litter sample. I have ~10 of these individuals in one sample and so far haven't seen them in any others. I first thought symphylan but the antennae are not filiform or bead-like, but rather more clavate or knobbed, and they have eyes. Then I thought perhaps pauropod but again, the antennae are wrong. My final guess is a juvenile millipede but they definitely do not have 2 pairs of legs per segment, nor anywhere near enough legs to consider that (5 pairs of legs)! I can't figure it out, any ideas?

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I vote for juvenile millipede
First instar millipedes have just three pairs of legs, and add pairs with each molt. See the discussion under this image:

Hold on to see what others may have to say.

Incidentally, BugGuide is not limited to insects. We accept arthropods of all kinds.

I agree
Definitively a millipede