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Nomenclatural notes on the Agrilinae (Buprestidae). IV.
By Hespenheide, H.A.
The Coleopterists Bulletin 33(1): 105-120., 1979
Cite: 1657390 with citation markup [cite:1657390]

Hespenheide, H.A. 1979. Nomenclatural notes on the Agrilinae (Buprestidae). IV. The Coleopterists Bulletin 33(1): 105-120.


Study of type specimens of Neotropical species of the subfamily Agrilinae in the museums of Prague, Paris, and London has revealed a number of necessary nomenclatural changes, both new synonymies and generic transfers, of species presently in or transferred to or from the following genera: Agrilodia, Agrilus, Amorphosoma, Bakerettia, Brachys, Callimicra, Cyphothorax, Diodora, Dismorpha, Geralius, Hylaeogena, Leiopleura, Lius, Neotrachys, Omochyseus, Pachyschelus, Paragrilus, Sambomorpha, Stenogaster, Taphrocerus, and Trachys.