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Smicripidae Smicrips palmicola - Smicrips palmicola

Smicripidae Smicrips palmicola - Smicrips palmicola
Highlands County, Florida, USA

I wondered how you could tell this isn't texana? I got some Smicrips last week while vacationing on Captiva Is, FL. I have Casey's description of S. texana and (typical Casey) it seems to be differentiated by some very weak characteristics. American Beetles says texana has been reported from FL, so I wondered how to tell them apart.

I suspect
that they are the same. At one time I thought I could tell them apart but the more specimens I see the more variation I see also. Somebody needs to take a close look at series of specimens of both species and especially compare male genitalia.

Casey was quite the splitter. I was wondering because your palmicola looks more arcuate on the sides than mine, but "texana" was supposed to be more arcuate.