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Leptura obliterata - Etorofus obliteratus

Leptura obliterata - Etorofus obliteratus
Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
August 2, 2007
Possibly Leptura obliqua or propinqua ? Think this is the same species as previous photo, but on different date. We have a number of species of Lepturinae in our yard in midsummer, particularly on Quenn Anne's Lace and other umbelliferae

Moved from Leptura.

I suggest...
...Leptura propinqua.

Leptura obliterata
The legs should be all black for L. propinqua, along with the margins of the pronotum. The pronotum looks too dull, which is an indication of the contiguous, dense puntures as expected on L. obliterata.

...I agree with L. obliterata.