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Thysanura - Ctenolepisma lineata

Thysanura - Ctenolepisma lineata
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
December 28, 2007
Size: maybe 1/2 inch
I'm not sure what this is: I THOUGHT it was a fire brat (Thermobia domestica) but After looking through photos for a while, I've thrown that ID into doubt... It's too elongated for a firebrat & it's too big, not to mention it isn't a uniform silver/gray typical of the Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina). I'm doubtful it's a Four-Lined Silverfish (Ctenolepisma lineata) because it lacks dorsal stripes running up it's abdomen (though it DID have patterning on it's body). Any insite would be very appreciated. :(

Ctenolepisma lineata
Actually, I do believe that it is a Four-Lined Silverfish. There always are some color variations and dorsal stripes may not be so apparent even when they are there. Compare it with Live adult image at Kansas State University; I believe it matches very well. Also would you mind entering the Date when picture was taken?