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Ant - Lasius - female

Ant - Lasius - Female
Greenfield, New Hampshire, USA
May 5, 2005
Size: 8mm

Lasius sp. - dealated parasitic female
Sorry for having overlooked this picture until now, for it is very interesting. This female belongs to a very related species, if not the same, as those pictured by Beatriz Moisset in nuptial flight (October 3, 2005).
Species of this group exist in Western Europe too, and have a peculiar living cycle in that young females overwinter alone, just like Bumble-bee and Yellowjacket queens, before looking for a host-nest in spring.
This one was probably on the way to find such a colony.
These are always societies of free-living species from the neoniger group of the same genus Lasius.

Lasius sp.
These queen Lasius ants sound like they have an interesting life cycle, taking over an existing colony. Is there a high mortality rate of these queens, while trying to kill the resident queen to take her place?
Thanks for yet another identification, Richard.