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Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
June 12, 2019

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Planthopper? Planthopper?

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This is very interesting. It might be one of the Palearctic species of Issus which would be a new record for North America. If you are able to get specimens I would be very interested to see them. If this is Issus, it may be feeding on English ivy (Hedera).

The veins and wing shape seem to rule out Issus coleoptratus
Colouring similar, though.

Wing venation in I. coleoptratus is sexually dimorphic, and this looks pretty close to the venation for a female (see figure 12C in Gnezdilov et al. 2014). The apparent wing shape might be misleading due to the angle. There are 32 species in the genus and I haven't seen descriptions for most so I don't know if others might look like this as well.

unfortunately, I haven't seen any similar ones since and I released it outside after taking photos. I'm not sure what plant host it was on, as it suddenly appeared on the hood of the car while I was driving. Luckily it stayed long enough for me to capture it once home.

If I do manage to find more similar ones, should I send you an email?

Too bad, but yes if you find more you can contact me at

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