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MOTH? - Paraclemensia acerifoliella

MOTH? - Paraclemensia acerifoliella
DELAWARE County, Pennsylvania, USA
April 22, 2005
Size: APPROX 1/32 INCH
I'm sure this is a moth? Found in woodland didn't ever move and was close to 7pm. Seen another week later in much brighter area and more active than this one in the early afternoon.

is it really 1/32 of an inch

sorry, i don't think it's 1/3
sorry, i don't think it's 1/32 of an inch but i think it's under 1/4 inch.

one thing i'm not good at is measuring distance and size.

Great photo
of a pretty moth. Image moved to new species page from ID Request.

0181 - Maple Leafcutter Moth - Paraclemensia acerifoliella
.... and a beautiful photo showing the metallic sheen on the wings. A member of the Incurvariidae.

poss. Grapeleaf skeletonizer?
looks awfully like Harrisina americana, the grapeleaf skeletonizer, to me, but someone more expert in moths should weigh in.