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Another male of Aulicus antennatus? - Aulicus antennatus - male

Another male of Aulicus antennatus? - Aulicus antennatus - Male
Along road to Black Canyon, Inyo County, California, USA
May 25, 2019
Size: Body Length about 7 mm
Posting one more image here, this one of a different individual found 4 hours earlier (on the way out to vs. the way back from Black Cyn ;-).

Though not tack-sharp, it does show the long, white, wispy hairs well, and (via the specular highlights) gives a sense of the subtle "blue" tinge that can be associated with the black here (i.e. structural color rather than true pigment, and thus dependent on lighting & angle of view). Again there appears to be a gradual widening of the antennal segments from the proximal ones to the distal 3 comprising the "club"...and all the remarks accompanying the companion post below apply here as well:


Unfortunately, again there's not enough resolution to discern whether "the inner claw of the front tarsi toothed" stated in couplet 8) of Schaeffer's key. [That's what happens when Alice & Joyce aren't there to get stellar shots ;-]

Moved to Aulicus antennatus
Moved from Aulicus. See comments under the companion post.