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Subfamily Carabinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Adephaga
Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Subfamily Carabinae

Tribe Carabini
Genus Calosoma - Caterpillar Hunter Beetles
No Taxon Subgenus Blaptosoma
Species haydeni - Calosoma haydeni
No Taxon Subgenus Callistenia
Species discors - Calosoma discors 0
Species latipenne - Calosoma latipenne
Species luxatum - Calosoma luxatum
Species moniliatum - Calosoma moniliatum
Species monticola - Calosoma monticola
Species subaeneum - Calosoma subaeneum
Species wilkesii - Calosoma wilkesii 0
No Taxon Subgenus Callitropa
Species externum - Narrow Searcher
Species macrum - Calosoma macrum
Species protractum - Calosoma protractum
No Taxon Subgenus Calodrepa
Species aurocinctum - Calosoma aurocinctum
Species scrutator - Fiery Searcher
Species splendidum - Calosoma splendidum
Species wilcoxi - Calosoma wilcoxi
No Taxon Subgenus Calosoma
Species frigidum - Calosoma frigidum
Species sycophanta - Caterpillar Searcher
No Taxon Subgenus Camegonia
Species marginale - Calosoma marginale
Species parvicolle - Calosoma parvicolle
Species prominens - Calosoma prominens
No Taxon Subgenus Carabosoma
Species angulatum - Calosoma angulatum
Species eremicola - Calosoma eremicola
Species peregrinator - Calosoma peregrinator
Species sponsa - Calosoma sponsa
No Taxon Subgenus Castrida
Species sayi - Black Caterpillar Hunter Beetle
No Taxon Subgenus Chrysostigma
Species affine - Calosoma affine
Species calidum - Fiery Hunter
Species cancellatum - Calosoma cancellatum
Species lepidum - Calosoma lepidum
Species obsoletum - Calosoma obsoletum
Species semilaeve - Calosoma semilaeve
Species simplex - Calosoma simplex
Species tepidum - Calosoma tepidum
Genus Carabus
Species auratus - Carabus auratus
Species chamissonis - Carabus chamissonis
Species maeander - Carabus maeander
Subspecies maeander - Carabus maeander maeander
Species nemoralis - European Ground Beetle
Species serratus - Carabus serratus
Species truncaticollis - Carabus truncaticollis
Species vietinghoffii - Carabus vietinghoffii
No Taxon subgenus Tanaocarabus
Species finitimus - Carabus finitimus
Species forreri - Carabus forreri
Species sylvosus - Woodland Ground Beetle
Species taedatus - Carabus taedatus
Subspecies agassii - Carabus taedatus agassii
No Taxon subgenus Carabus
Species goryi - Carabus goryi
Species granulatus - Granulated Carabid
Species vinctus - Carabus vinctus
Tribe Cychrini
Genus Cychrus - Rare Snail-eating Beetles
Species hemphillii - Cychrus hemphillii
Subspecies hemphillii - Cychrus hemphilli hemphilli
Subspecies rickseckeri - Cychrus hemphillii rickseckeri
Species tuberculatus - Cychrus tuberculatus
Genus Scaphinotus
No Taxon subgenus Scaphinotus
No Taxon unicolor group
Species parisiana - Scaphinotus parisiana
Species unicolor - Scaphinotus unicolor
No Taxon elevatus group
Species elevatus - Eastern Snail Eater
Subspecies coloradensis - Scaphinotus elevatus coloradensis
Subspecies flammeus - Scaphinotus elevatus flammeus
Species kelloggi - Scaphinotus kelloggi
Species petersi - Scaphinotus petersi
Subspecies biedermani - Scaphinotus petersi biedermani
Subspecies catalinae - Scaphinotus petersi catalinae
Subspecies corvus - Scaphinotus petersi corvus
Subspecies grahami - Scaphinotus petersi grahami
Subspecies kathleenae - Scaphinotus petersi kathleenae
Subspecies petersi - Scaphinotus petersi petersi
Species snowi - Scaphinotus snowi
Subspecies roeschkei - Scaphinotus snowi roeschkei
Subspecies snowi - Scaphinotus snowi snowi
Species vandykei - Scaphinotus vandykei
No Taxon subgenus Irichroa
Species irregularis - Scaphinotus irregularis
Species viduus - Scaphinotus viduus
Species webbi - Scaphinotus webbi
No Taxon subgenus Nomaretus
Species bilobus - Scaphinotus bilobus
Species cavicollis - Scaphinotus cavicollis
Species fissicollis - Scaphinotus fissicollis
Species infletus - Scaphinotus infletus
Species liebecki - Scaphinotus liebecki
No Taxon subgenus Maronetus
Species debilis - Scaphinotus debilis
Species hoffmani - Scaphinotus hoffmani
Species hubbardi - Scaphinotus hubbardi
Species imperfectus - Scaphinotus imperfectus
Species incompletus - Scaphinotus incompletus
Species schwarzi - Scaphinotus schwarzi
Species tenuis - Scaphinotus tenuis
Species unistriatus - Scaphinotus unistriatus
No Taxon subgenus Steniridia
Species andrewsii - Scaphinotus andrewsii
Species guyotii - Scaphinotus guyotii
Species ridingsii - Scaphinotus ridingsii
Subspecies monongahelae - Scaphinotus ridingsii monongahelae
Species aeneicollis - Scaphinotus aeneicollis
Species tricarinatus - Scaphinotus tricarinatus
Species violaceus - Scaphinotus violaceus
No Taxon subgenus Pseudonomaretus
Species regularis - Scaphinotus regularis
Species relictus - Scaphinotus relictus
No Taxon subgenus Stenocantharus
Species angusticollis - Scaphinotus angusticollis
Species johnsoni - Scaphinotus johnsoni
Species velutinus - Scaphinotus velutinus
No Taxon subgenus Brennus
Species bullatus - Scaphinotus bullatus
Species cordatus - Scaphinotus cordatus
Species crenatus - Scaphinotus crenatus
Species cristatus - Scaphinotus cristatus
Species interruptus - Scaphinotus interruptus
Species marginatus - Scaphinotus marginatus
Species obliquus - Scaphinotus obliquus
Species oreophilus - Scaphinotus oreophilus
Species punctatus - Scaphinotus punctatus
Species riversi - Scaphinotus riversi
Species rugiceps - Scaphinotus rugiceps
Subspecies incipiens - Scaphinotus rugiceps incipiens
Species striatopunctatus - Scaphinotus striatopunctatus
Species subtilis - Scaphinotus subtilis
Species ventricosus - Scaphinotus ventricosus
No Taxon subgenus Neocychrus
Species angulatus - Scaphinotus angulatus
Species behrensi - Scaphinotus behrensi
Species longiceps - Humboldt Ground Beetle
Genus Sphaeroderus - Small Snail Eating Beetles
Species bicarinatus - Sphaeroderus bicarinatus
Species canadensis - Sphaeroderus canadensis
Subspecies lengi - Sphaeroderus canadensis lengi
Subspecies canadensis - Sphaeroderus canadensis canadensis
Species indianae - Sphaeroderus indianae
Species nitidicollis - Sphaeroderus nitidicollis
Species schaumii - Sphaeroderus schaumii
Species stenostomus - Sphaeroderus stenostomus
Subspecies stenostomus - Sphaeroderus stenostomus stenostomus
Subspecies lecontei - Sphaeroderus stenostomus lecontei