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Small flier to ID - Toxomerus occidentalis - male

Small flier to ID - Toxomerus occidentalis - Male
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
May 4, 2005
A small hover type of fly, if any one has more info on this it would be appreciated.

Toxomerus occidentalis, very darkly marked.
(Updated April 25, 2009)
Originally, I questioned this ID to species, but I was very wrong!

Not Syritta but Toxomerus!
Hello Kildale, hello Beatriz,
It is not a Syritta, but I'm sure this is a male of Toxomerus. Very characteristic is the posterior margin of the eye with the distinct triangular emargination at or above the level of insertion of the antenna! This is very well visible (grey color)in this picture!
Syritta does not have this feature, and furthermore the femur of leg 3 is much more swollen in Syritta!
This animal could be a melanistic male of one of the species of Toxomerus we have already in the guide, but it also could be another species! I'm not sure about that.
Gerard Pennards

It looks like Syritta. Check this page
It has large eyes, so it is a male.

ID Syritta
Thanks for the help Beatriz. It look like those.