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springtail - Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus

springtail - Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus
Anthony Chabot Regional Park, Castro Valley, Alameda County, California, USA
February 7, 2008
Size: <1mm
Came from a polypore fungus on a coast live oak.

The white marks on its sides look like holes -- but I guess it's the coloration?

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springtail - Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus springtail - Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus springtail - Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus

Moved from forma bimaculatus.

Thank you for creating a new page, Charley...
This task was actually on a seriously old "to do" list of mine and I think I just completely forgot about it. Thanks for following through!

Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus forma bipunctatus
The recent introduction of the forma bimaculatus page at BugGuide by Harsi Parker was a nice opportunity for me to look again over all the availmble pictures.
It turns out that your specimen is not forma bimaculatus but a different colour form called bipunctatus.
The difference between the two colour forms:
in bimaculatus, 2 separate white 'eyebrows' are distinctly visible
in bipunctatus, the white eyebrows are interconnected forming a kind of white forehead.

Moved from Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus.

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Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus
forma bimaculatus.
Typically, this species has 4 white spots on its body. This form with just 2 spots is rare.
The white 'spots' on the body are in fact small elevations of the skin.
Great pictures, Joyce!

thanks Frans
Lots of variation in this species! Thanks for explaining the white spots.