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Tribe Lepturini

Flower Longhorn - Stictoleptura canadensis Unknown Longhorn - Stictoleptura canadensis Longhorn beetle?   - Stictoleptura canadensis Beetle 3 (Timothy Lake) - Stictoleptura canadensis Id help needed - longhorn beetle - Stictoleptura canadensis Long Horned Red Insect - Stictoleptura canadensis beetle - Stictoleptura canadensis Red longhorned beetle - Stictoleptura canadensis - female

Lepturini sp. - Strangalepta abbreviata Flower longhorn - Strangalepta abbreviata Strangalepta abbreviata (Germar) - Strangalepta abbreviata Another beetle on a rose - Strangalepta abbreviata black and orange beetle - Strangalepta abbreviata? - Strangalepta abbreviata Strangalepta abbreviata Strangalia (?) - Strangalepta abbreviata Long-horn flower Beetle ? - Strangalepta abbreviata

Longhorned Wood Borer Beetle - Strangalia luteicornis - female Very strange wasp-like insect - Strangalia virilis Strangalia famelica - male flower longhorn maybe? - Strangalia luteicornis - male Flower Longhorn Beetle - Strangalia luteicornis Long black,brown, tan beetle  - Strangalia luteicornis - female Longhorn Beetle - Strangalia famelica - female Strangalia luteicornis

Stenelytrana emarginata Big tarantula hawk mimic beetle, side view - Stenelytrana gigas Stenelytrana emarginata Stenelytrana emarginata Stenelytrana gigas (LeConte) - Stenelytrana gigas Flower Longhorn - Stenelytrana emarginata Stenelytrana emarginata Leptura emarginata? - Stenelytrana emarginata

Some kind of Longhorn Beetle? - Strophiona tigrina Oak woods longhorn - Strophiona nitens Strophiona tigrina on Buckwheat - Strophiona tigrina unknown flower longhorn - Strophiona nitens Strophiona nitens Strophiona laeta Strophiona tigrina Longhorn beetle - Strophiona nitens