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Syrphid Larva?

Syrphid Larva?
Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
February 9, 2008
Size: 20mm
I found this under a board in my garden. I thought perhaps Crane Fly Larva, but looking at images here, I'm more inclined towards Syrphid...There was lots of slime, though. I wasn't really able to get a shot of any mouthparts, but it had six legs right up near the head.

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Syrphid Larva? Syrphid Larva? Syrphid Larva?

Moved from Fungus Gnats.

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Fungus gnat?
I know the larvae of many species in the Mycetophilidae secrete mucous, so perhaps that is an idea....

That did occur to me...
I know that some can be pretty large as larvae.