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Lacewing - Dark Wing Venation - Meleoma dolicharthra

Lacewing - Dark Wing Venation - Meleoma dolicharthra
Redmond, King County, Washington, USA
July 7, 2019
Has Brown stripes and dark wing veins - have not seen a close match yet.

Moved from Chrysopini.

Possibly Meleoma
The combination of dark veins and brownish markings on the prothorax rule out the Chrysoperla species, and the markings aren't in line with any of the Chrysopa. This may be the same as (1). Just by process of elimination, this probably has to be either Meleoma dolicharthra or Pseudomallada macleodi. Both also are noted for brownish markings on the prothorax. If I'm seeing the spacing between the antennae correctly, I'd think this would be the Meleoma.

Moved from Green Lacewings.

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