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Robberfly - Archilestris magnificus

Robberfly - Archilestris magnificus
Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA
October 3, 2007
Size: At least 2 inches
Hands down, the largest robberfly I've ever seen. I saw another photo of one, here on Bugguide, that was hanging upside down by one leg while feeding on a wasp. Shortly before I photographed this one, I observed it in the same position feeding on a honey bee.

Well named
Beasts. I have seen and photographed the other member of the genus. A. excellens in Costa Rica. It was hands-down the most impressive robber I saw there. Dangerous looking. Exceptional photo.

Dangerous Looking
Thanks Herschel, I know what you mean. The first time I glimpsed this one, I thought it was a large wasp like a tarantula hawk. I just saw your photo of excellens and it's even more impressive looking than magnificus. The green eyes and white/silver markings are very pretty.

I am guessing
The wings on your specimen were clearer than the dark-winged excellens. Your species also looks distinctly browner on the thorax. I hope to shoot some more robbers in Belize in a few weeks. I would love to find Archilestris again there.

Oh and here is the new AZ Robber list on my site (nearly killed me).

I moved it for you, Anthony.
However, if you know the taxon, you should post your image there. When you click the Images tab it shows a link for adding an image (or for moving an image if you've tagged any, as I just did with yours.)

I hope to see more of your work. Keep 'em coming!

Thanks Jim, I wasn't sure how to move images from the ID request- will do for future uploads.

Another amazing shot, if you
Another amazing shot, if you have more of this species, please post them, we only have two images in the guide!

Thanks Will, I think I have a few more.