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Steel-blue Cricket Hunter Wasp

Steel-blue Cricket Hunter Wasp
Griffith Park, Los Angeles County, California, USA
July 28, 2019
Size: approximately one inch
On a sunny, wide dirt trail I noticed this electric blue narrow-waisted wasp darting in and out of the dry brush. When he disappeared into the grass, I moved the stalks around a bit and noticed two small holes, of approximately one inch, in the dirt beneath.

Steel-blue Cricket Hunter Wasp
I am not sure if this added comment is useful for a more specific identification, but this photo was the first of a continuing series of photographs of these striking blue and violet wasps. They have all been taken along the same 15 to 20 meters of a dry trail, lined with fissures and holes in the crusty soil. This shot was the first time I had seen this wasp and at that time the surface was covered with dry grasses that have subsequently been removed by fire-prevention crews. Since it was my first viewing of this wasp, I was happy to have at least gotten this partially obscured photo, and have since returned to the locality many times for the additional shots I have submitted. I have absolutely no problem with removing this sighting as frass if it is not useful as a record of time and place.