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Spider or Termite Queen  - Dysdera crocata

Spider or Termite Queen - Dysdera crocata
New Jersey, USA
August 3, 2019
Size: Nickel
Again it has eight legs like a spider reminding me of a wolf spider but the torso more like a termite or any and I’ve only ever seen an abdomen that color (very different from rest of body) on a termite Queen so if you know this little creepy crawler (& please don’t let it be a recluse!) feel free to let me know ASAP because he’s in a jar(w/air) awaiting his sentence. Thanks in advance, to whoever replies!

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Update on unknown spider (?!?)
As it’s in the jar aka temporary jail, it’s abdomen is getting darker and starting to look like the rest of it’s body. I’m pretty sure it’s a spider but I’ve become very acquainted with the Wolf and it does not look anything like that so please please...if you know what it is just let me know if it’s a brown recluse. I know from unfortunate friends that you don’t know you’ve been bitten until a Dr is required and I have a cat who’s pretty good at NOT going anywhere near them after his very unpleasant introduction with a Wolf, his lower lip swelled up so much! Again, thanks in advance to whoever gives me any information. It means more than you know as it could be saving a life, I am allergic to spiders, ALL spiders. TTFN KLP

This is does not look like a brown recluse spider, probably it is the woodlouse hunter or something similar.

Wood house spider
Thank you very much for the information. Although it’s gained it’s freedom for not being a recluse, I would’ve needed it to go to Dr with me had it been one, & they don’t save specimens so we’re both grateful for your input.
Thanks again & will consider you a favorite on Bug Guide!

looks like it might be

Wood house spider
Hello Steve,
I appreciate your feedback on my little guest and he’s gained his freedom because of it, lol had he been a recluse it was a death sentence as he would be going to the Dr’s with me and they don’t save specimens. So we’re both appreciative.
I came across a ginormous (to me quarter size to the rest of you) wolf spider and yes, nothing similar between the two as Sir Wolf was black and furry looking and obviously this one wasn’t.
I am allergic to all spider bites(and anything else remotely similar to...) & getting people to believe that ALL spiders bite is harder to do than most people would think but, after a friend witnessed me getting bit (& seeing the giant red welt flaring up immediately following it) in the spot I literally smacked, so had the ladybug, Yuppers ladybug, stuck between my fingers after smooshing it when smacking my calf, was the only way she believed me and we’re talking about a lifelong friend(!) so I appreciate any/all information about these things I can get.
Wood house spiders, are they considered venomous? If they are venomous to the general public then (unfortunately) they’re 3x’s as venomous to me & go on my “not in my space!” list of creepy crawlers. So I’ll do my research on him and again appreciate your help with the ID of my most recent bugger.
Thanks again!!