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A very southern sighting of Lestes unguiculatus? - Lestes - male

A very southern sighting of Lestes unguiculatus? - Lestes - Male
White Sands National Monument: start of Dune Life Nature Trail, Otero County, New Mexico, USA
July 12, 2019
Looks like a fairly standard if rather pale Lestes unguiculatus, but this and several other individuals occurred at a latitude 2 full degrees lower (and 350 miles away to the SW as the crow flies) from the southernmost sighting record for the species from Texas, according to its current distribution map at ... or is it just an L. alacer male instead, that happens to have L. unguiculatus-like colors on the posteriormost segments?

This was a sunny evening with puddling water on the ground, in between two significant rain events that came down the Sacramento Mts and Tularosa Valley from the NE. Maybe they were moving with the moisture on an atypical excursion from the panhandle? I went back a few days later when the puddles were gone, but did not see them again.