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ID Request - Eucosma radiatana - Hodges#2908? - Eucosma

ID Request - Eucosma radiatana - Hodges#2908? - Eucosma
Pitkin, Vernon Parish, Louisiana, USA
July 27, 2019
Since this has not been reported in Louisiana before I feel like I should ask for confirmation. John Schneider also reviewed this one with me and agreed. He may have a better photograph.


Moved from Eucosma.


I don't remember, and I don't have a photo of this one. Looking at MPG now it does look like that species to me, but hopefully someone will confirm or correct.

Sorry I "used your name in vane". It was one of those I looked up on the computer while you looked over my shoulder on Saturday night. I thought you also had a photograph.

My mistake.
I do have photos (dorsal and left side), and a note of the ID! Not sure it's the same individual.