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Minyomerus sp. - Minyomerus laticeps

Minyomerus sp. - Minyomerus laticeps
Brewster County, Texas, USA
October 29, 1999
Size: 4.2 mm
Slight problem with ID. This keys (in American Beetles) to Piscatopas griseus which is separated from Minyomerus by a small tooth projecting over the antennal scrobe near the eye (not seen in these images). However, the paper by Sleeper (Ohio J Sci 60(2):83,1960) compares Minyomerus laticeps with P. griseus in detail. This is clearly very much like M. laticeps except for the small tooth which it should not have. P. griseus has a different shape head, thorax, and separated procoxae- all wrong for this specimen. Anderson says these two genera need some work. So I call this Minyomerus sp (probably laticeps) until someone straightens it out.

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Minyomerus sp. - Minyomerus laticeps Minyomerus sp. - Minyomerus laticeps Minyomerus sp. - Minyomerus laticeps

Moved from Minyomerus.

Minyomerus laticeps (Casey)
This is definitely M. laticeps although the small tooth over the scobe is not visible in the photos. Actually it is often concealed by the dense scale covering on M. laticeps. Piscatopus while similar has a smooth white coating of scales, with evident very fine setae on the elytral intervals. The pronotum is smooth, not rugosely punctate-striate under the scale cover.

Many thanks for taking the time to check this and the Milod*eres Dr O'Brien.


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