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Tiny beetle - Microscydmus

Tiny beetle - Microscydmus
Tippecanoe County, Indiana, USA
June 18, 2007
Size: ~ 0.5 mm
A very tiny beetle. Caught in panel trap. Not sure even of the family. Its small size makes me think featherwing beetle, but its antennae seem Leiodid-like and its body form resembles Scydmaenidae.

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Tiny beetle - Microscydmus Tiny beetle - Microscydmus


This strikes me as a scydmaenid. I keyed this to Microscydmus in American Beetles. The size seems a good fit, but I couldn't tell if antennomere 7 was greater than 8. 5 Eastern species. Otherwise it might be Euconnus, 113 Neartic species.

Also my impression
My first impression was Scydmaenidae as well, but I wasn't sure if they get this small. I agree that it should key to Microscydmus using American Beetles, but will place at family level for now. I'll get it mounted and take a closer look at some point. Thanks!