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Yellow-dusted Cream - Cabera erythemaria - female

Yellow-dusted Cream - Cabera erythemaria - Female
Lacey (near Olympia), Thurston County, Washington, USA
August 10, 2019
Yellow-dusted Cream perhaps?

Moved from ID Request.

Antennae without pectines (this species) = ♀
She has yellow-colored veins, especially visible on the hind-wings.
Compare with this male: This helps to rule out both genders of the very similar Gueneria similaria.

The data on the Gueneria page also makes it look like it's mostly an Eastern species. Do you know if that's the case? (Thanks for the other two pointers, Bob. Much appreciated.)

That might be correct, but I don't know, for certain. BOLD does not (yet) have any specimens in that genus, from the western three-fourths of NA.