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Scaphinotus elevatus - female

Scaphinotus elevatus - Female
College Park, Prince Georges County, Maryland, USA
May 5, 1915
Size: 22 mm
From the University of Maryland at College Park teaching collection. Thanks to Charles Mitter for providing loan. Based on the dark purplish elytra (as opposed to bright red or copper), one could call this Scaphinotus elevatus tenebricosus although these various subspecies are somewhat controversial.

Admiring such nature's marvel
What an awesome scaphinotus elevatus I see to stare at and analyze nature's arts. I hated everything that was related to insects or animals, generally. However, my literature teacher urged me to go into the heart and analyze it and stare at its elements. Therefore, her lessons about altruism and her essay examples from the StudyHippo service she recommended have made me love nature and admire it. Now, this scaphinotus elevatus doesn't scare me but inspires me. I am thankful to my teacher and the writing source she suggested because those texts about human qualities like altruism and others changed my mode of viewing this world.