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Bald-Faced Hornet (worker?) - Dolichovespula maculata - female

Bald-Faced Hornet (worker?) - Dolichovespula maculata - Female
Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
May 12, 2005
Size: ~18 mm
These gals (along with the Polistes) have been chewing off slivers of wood off of our deck to make nests. The perfect dorsal shot reminded me of the photos Tony's been taking for his article, so I thought I'd post this one...I hope it helps.

Nice Shot
As a live specimen this can replace the dorsal shot of the preserved specimen in the final output. Great expectations for similar shots for the other species, also don't forget lateral and face views - especially for the more difficult species.
My guess is that this is a Queen.

Anthony W. Thomas