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Mystery Moth - Gazoryctra

Mystery Moth - Gazoryctra
Sitka County, Alaska, USA
August 6, 2004

Hepialidae, Gazorycta near hyperboreus -- Ghost Moth
Goff, I'm paraphrasing the response I got from Dave Wagner about your three Ghost Moth photos. Jean-Fran├žois Landry also looked at the photos. They both are in agreement that all three are species of Gazorycta. Dave Wagner adds: "Hepialids need to be dissected....or at least most do. Gazoryctra are highly polymorphic. Many species have yellow, tan, and pink forms. I would call [the other two photos] Gazoryctra near confusis. [This one is] possibly a form of confusis, but more likely Gazoryctra near hyperboreus."

Just a guess
but it looks like one of the ghost moths. Take a look at the ones on MPG.