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Dorsal epigynum - Phidippus putnami - female

Dorsal epigynum - Phidippus putnami - Female
N40 03.312 W82 53.780, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
October 23, 2007
Testing out some new equipment. :-)

Phidippus putnami; dorsal epigynum. Reference drawings here
14 exposures stacked with Helicon Focus.
Olympus BH2 microscope using Neo SPlan 10x objective and NFK 2.5x photo eyepiece. Illumination a mix of reflected brightfield (fiber optic gooseneck) and transmitted darkfield.

This is something
Terrific work, It is only equipment stopping me from getting this close, If you don’t mind, what is the lens size you use for your jumping spider photos. I don’t seem to get to far, when they jump on my lens.
Thanks Kathleen