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Long skinny flying bug - Ibalia

Long skinny flying bug - Ibalia
Davis, Yolo County, California, USA
September 18, 2019
Size: Inch and a half to 2 in
Saw this flying bug on the side of my house. My son was bit/ stung by something the day before and this resembles what he described. Possible?




Moved from ID Request.

looks like an Ibalia to me
which cannot sting

I checked with someone more familiar ...
... with cynipoids than I, and she pointed out that Ibalia is found in forested areas, which can't be said for Davis, so it is unlikely to be that genus.

That said, I can't say WHAT is actually is.

Not an expert, but looking cl
Not an expert, but looking closely at the Ibalia images and info page, I'd suggest that it's an Ibalia that was simply accidentally moved out of its habitat by man somehow, as either an adult or an immature, and survived long enough to be photographed.

Makes sense ...
... so in to Ibalia it goes.