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Wildwood Park; Radford, Virginia, USA
September 21, 2019
Found this in a wooded area across from a creek. The sapling was about 5 1/2 ft tall and had lost all leaves. ID, please?
I've never seen anything else covered so completely!

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Scales Insect larvae? cocoons?

Yep, scale insects
I wouldn't know what kind, there are hundreds if not thousands. Knowing the species of tree might help confirm Yurika's ID, which looks good to me!

Scales often attack twigs and larger woody parts, and (especially an introduced species with no natural enemies to keep them in check) can build up overwhelming numbers and just blanket the unfortunate host.

I've seen Siberian elms that got infested with European elm scale go on to suffer from sooty mold (which, no doubt, finds the "honeydew" exuded by the scales a good growth medium), and the entire surface of the twigs and larger branches turns black.

I appreciate your additional info, Kurt.


Sure looks like it, Yurika!! You are super with ID!